類別 1910 報七來八
節目名稱 放洋樂 Pop Music !
星期 星期二
時段 1910
主持人 Hurray,Manga
節目描述說明 放洋樂作為政大之聲老牌報榜節目,除了每週最新Billboard、UK Chart榜單之外,也會介紹最新西洋娛樂資訊,並回顧過去13年葛萊美獎的年度專輯與年度歌曲,以及獨家推薦西洋硬地好聲音,讓聽眾朋友能夠更了解西洋流行音樂文化!
Pop Music! is the classic western music program in VNCCU. In this program, we will bring the trend of western music to audiences through weekly “Billboard THE HOT 100” and “UK Official Single Chart Top 100”.
In the second hour, we will introduce the newest news about western singers, and introduce Album of the Year and Song of the Year at Grammy Awards. We share indie albums as well. Turn on the radio, and you can know more about western music and culture!
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