類別 1600 如夢四幻
節目名稱 Share the Rhythm
星期 星期五
時段 1600
主持人 DJ Hsiang
節目描述說明 STR來到第四季,每一季都帶著之前的養分繼續學習與經營。這次,我們將跳脫過去三季介紹西洋經典老歌的傳統,著手分享與討論21世紀流行音樂,並在後半小時持續邀請對西洋音樂有興趣的朋友前來錄音室與我們分享你最愛的歌曲,DJ Hsiang以及Mini DJ Jojo等你來開麥!

Running to the last season, we carry on all we learned to make this program better than ever. This time, we’re breaking through the old fashion tradition, starting to share and talk about the present 21 century pop music, and still will be inviting whoever loves Western music to come here and share your loving melody and lyrics. So, what are you waiting for? Come and join DJ Hsiang and Mini DJ Jojo, we will be right in the studio looking forward to see you!
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