類別 1600 四四十六
節目名稱 Share the Rhythm
星期 星期五
時段 1600
主持人 Hsiang
節目描述說明 這學期的STR做了重大的改變,第一單元聚焦在十四位經典傳奇,第二單元則邀請各位直接來錄音室跟我聊聊你喜歡的西洋歌曲,更有趣的是全程英語主持,想讓所有的聽眾聽聽你的愛歌嗎?那就趕緊報名跟我和小小DJ May聊個天吧!Share the Rhythm is going to the next level, we'll be focusing on 14 western music legends in the first section and for the second, we'll be inviting all of you come right here to the studio and talk about your favorite western music. So if you wanna share what you love so much, make sure to sign up to our program right away! Little DJ and I will be looking forward to see you!
集數 0516_1