類別 1600 如夢四幻
節目名稱 成三成對 When‘three’ makes a pair.
星期 星期三
時段 1600
主持人 珍奶,思安
節目描述說明 《成三成對》地毯式地搜尋人文科學當中的「三」,並對其淵源、意涵及實用層面的資訊進行一番解說,以新的、有趣的觀點來看待這些文化習俗、人性、心理學等等領域的資訊,以生活實驗的方式重新定義數字「三」。
“When Three Makes a Pair” is a show where the host does a thorough research on the number ‘three’. It seldom occurs to us that the number ‘three’ lies in many things around us. Therefore, this show aims at giving the audience an unique insight, helping the meaning of the number ‘three’ get fully understood. The content would include various areas of knowledge – psychology, philosophy, sociology and so forth. Get ready to start this exploration and enjoy the show with the host for fourteen weeks.
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