類別 1200 午香乖乖
節目名稱 方形人的世界 Sqaure's Square
星期 星期四
時段 1200
主持人 方形人
節目描述說明 生活中有許多不解的規律,它存在在那裡,卻鮮少人去接觸,去解決,而漸漸成為習慣,甚至「就是這樣」,為什麼呢?也許不重要,但這就是方形人的世界要來消化的故事,你願意給我一個機會討論嗎? There are a lot of unspoken rules in the society, people won't talk about it, won't even think about it, and just let it become a habbit and that's it. But why? It's probably not crucial, but that's what we are going to talk about it here at Sqaure's sqaure, mind if you give me a chance?
集數 0412_1