类别 1600 四四十六
节目名称 孤岛星球 Lonely Planet
星期 星期二
时段 1600
主持人 小王子,飞行员
节目描述说明 小王子是个着迷于哲学思考的人,他常常在自己的小宇宙里飘浮。小王子发现他人的内心就像是另一个长相不一样的宇宙,就算看似相同、却有着不同的感受能力,像是在真空的宇宙里两个孤独的声音。在某个特别的日子,来自世界的另一个角落的飞行员意外的降落到了小王子的星球上面,两人相遇了,就像两座孤岛在一颗星球上发生碰撞。
The host Little Prince is very obsessed with philosophical thinking. When doing so, he often drifts alone in his own space. Little Prince finds that others’ minds are like universes with different looks. Though people always have something in common, but everyone always feel things differently – just like two lonely voices in a vacuum space. On one special day, the hostess Pilot, from another corner of the world, lands her plane on Little Prince’s planet. The two met each other just like the clash between two islands on a planet.
集数 0216_1