Category 1910 報七來八
節目名稱 Gate to Japan
星期 星期一
時段 1910
主持人 結紘,桜庭
節目描述說明 Gate to Japan每週送來最新的oricon榜單,帶你跟上J-POP潮流。此外,更透過日本綜藝、節日及活動必聽歌單,和日本人最喜愛的問卷調查,用千奇百怪的角度帶你看見正經又無厘頭的日本社會。
Gate to Japan brings you the latest oricon list every week, and takes you to the trend of J-POP. In addition,  we through not only Japanese variety show, but also various songs that you must hear in festivals and events, and even Japanese favorite surveies to make you understand this serious and bizarre Japanese society from different aspect.
集數 0119_1