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Tara Na Taiwan


Radio Program for Migrant Workers & Foreign Spouses

Welcome to the Voice of National Cheng Chi University (VNCCU) 98.7 FM in cooperation with Kuangchi Program Service (KPS), Taipei ! 

TNT (Tara na Taiwan! / Let’s Go Taiwan!) is a special program dedicated to  migrant workers & foreign spouses who by their presence have turned Taiwan into a multicultural island.

Our aim is to promote understanding among various segments of the society especially the students and migrant workers/foreign spouses. We hope this project will help to create a more compassionate and hospitable Taiwanese culture.
KPS, an audio-visual production house originally started as a radio production center in 1958. It is a not-for-profit organization registered under the Ministry of Education in Taiwan.

Last year the idea of cooperation between NCCU and KPS was born. KPS would help produce programs with NCCU students then broadcast those programs over its community radio station located within the school campus in Wenshan, Taipei.  

Plans for this radio program include a weekly broadcast on issues that affect the target groups. We then plan to expand this project in different languages to cater to all four major nationalities (Thai, Indonesian, Vietnamese, Filipinos) working and living in Taiwan.