Voice of NCCU Radio Station

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Structure of Department

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Structure of Department

All positions in the station are served by students, except the president. The post of the president is served by a professor of the College of Communication and a teaching assistant serves as our vice president. There are also two students who assist the president, and each department has a manager and several chiefs.
The station holds an election every years so all members of VNCCU can vote for the student managers and chiefs.


Department of News

The News Department is responsible for planning and producing news programs. Members of the department do the interviewing and writing the news reports. They also take responsibility in the production of our daily news at one o’clock and seven o’clock. And we hope to be the communication channel between the college stuff and students. The department also holds a news-producing competition in order to strength the professional skills of the reporters.

Department of Program

The Program Department arranges the program schedule, verifies program proposals and manages special projects. The department is also responsible for production and broadcasting of all programs and commercials. Besides these tasks, the manager and chiefs direct and supervise the productions of all programs.

Department of Media Resources

The Department of Media Resources is responsible for audio data and printed materials. All data about those audio resources were inputted in the database according to their genre, which made the searching faster and more convenient. In 1999, we set up the website of VNCCU, and take the responsibility in maintaining the website. As we stride toward to the 21st century, our website also equipped with the facility of online broadcast.

Department of Management

The Department of Management arranges human resource in the station and organizes the data of our station fellows. The department is also responsible for holding activities in the station, in order to make the members more familiar with each other.

Department of Public Relations

The Department of Public Relations handles the communication with the school authority and contacts organizations outside the campus. The department takes the responsibility in promoting the station and our programs. Members of department also hold activities with companies and organizations to promote the public future of VNCCU.

Department of Engineering

The Department of Engineering is responsible for the maintenance and management of all broadcasting equipment and transmitting system. They also arrange technical trainings for all members of VNCCU and students of the College of Communication.

Department of Information Technology

The information technology department is in charge of all the businesses about the technological productions of VNCCU, for example, the official website and the VNCCU E-paper.
The information technology department also helps arrange mass-communication-related software workshops for assistants of VNCCU, such as workshops of Adobe Audition, Flash and Illustrator.