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Structure of Department

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Date 2023-03-28

Structure of Department

The Director of VNCCU was designated by a professor in the College of Communication who excels in related areas. One teaching assistant served as the Associate Director. There were also two additional Vice Presidents who assisted the Director, and four departments which each of them were led by a manager and several section chiefs. The radio station hold an election once a year so all members of VNCCU can vote for the vice presidents, student managers and chiefs.


Departmental responsibilities

Department of Program

The department of program is in charge of program planning, production, and other relevant procedures. Currently, we have quite a diversity of program contents - pop music, art and culture, variety entertainment, life information, as well as many other genres. In addition, the department will also hold a hearing session and contest to improve the quality of programs.


Department of News

The department of news is in charge of news editing, planning and reporting. There are two kinds of news broadcast sessions on air every weekday. One focuses on news in NCCU campus, neighboring communities and the Taipei metro area, while the other is mainly about national and worldwide news events. Besides news reporting, we also provided editorial coverage about issues around campus and neighboring communities.


Department of Engineering

The department of engineering is responsible for the maintenance of all broadcasting equipment and transmitting systems, while maintaining all the technological facilities which include hardware and software as well as the music review E-paper, and the conservation and development of audio and document archives. Besides, the department also provides engineering assists to help projects and relevant courses.


Department of Management

The department is responsible for general affairs, financial affairs and human resources, which include budget planning and recruitment of student assistants, as well as keeping good relationships with all organizations. Besides, the department also plans strategies to promote VNCCU.

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